Lean processes

Speed, accuracy and maximum efficiency.

When an order or repair comes in, we understand just how important a fast, efficient service is for you and your customers. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest technologies and perfected a set of streamlined processes. They ensure every job – whether fulfilment or repair and return – is optimised for speed and quality, with less queuing, handling and waste.




We receive the sale or warranty-replacement order and typically create a dispatch timeframe in less than 10 minutes.



The order immediately enters our automated fulfilment system for security checks, inventory allocation or procurement, and to create a dispatch order.



Handheld devices guide pickers on the most efficient warehouse routes, maximising time and minimising waste.


Packed & tracked

Items are tagged, barcodes scanned, paperwork printed and the order packed and dispatched.

Repair and Return



A consumer has a problem with their product. We are notified of the job via integration with the manufacturer's CRM or, optionally acting as the first point of contact, via our consumer-focused warranty booking service.



The consumer is automatically issued with shipping instructions and they send their product to us. We let them know via email or text message once it has safely arrived with us.

At this point, we assign a unique barcode to the unit to track its progress while in our care.


Assessed & repaired

Our expert technicians with specific brand and product knowledge assess the product and repair the fault quickly to a high standard.

Once again, we communicate to the consumer via email or text message to let them know the work has been successfully completed.


Packed & tracked

The item is carefully packed and handed to our carrier for return to the consumer.

Our final email or text message communication to the consumer is to confirm successful dispatch and advise of relevant tracking details.

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